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Justin Bieber steals show at MuchMusic Video Awards, fan steals his award

June 21, 2012

Toronto, Canada, rolled out the red carpet on Sunday for the MuchMusic Video Awards, and Canadian-born international pop star Justin Bieber attracted a lot of attention at the event. Bieber won hearts on the red carpet when he came through holding his little brother Jaxon in his arms. Fox News reports the Bieb was not accompanied by girlfriend Selena Gomez, but his dear friend Carly Rae Jepsen, singer of the hit song "Call Me, Maybe."

Once the show got underway, Bieber was presented with the award for best international video of the year. He was also voted the UR Fave Artist, but he didn't have the actual trophy for very long. According to, when the 19-year-old heartthrob walked offstage, he was accosted by a gaggle of groupies who wanted autographs, pictures and hugs, which he gladly gave. One fan got her hands on his trophy. The Bieb mistook her for an official and let her take the award from his hands without a second thought. As soon as he realized his error, Bieber had event organizers track down the avid fan and get the trophy back from her.

The news source reports the pop star is now trying to find the fan to say thanks personally for giving his trophy back after the confusion. Bieber is well known for being very easy going and kind when it comes to his fans, and those who want to discuss the blond singer with their friends can make calls to Canada with international phone cards.

They can also talk about his boisterous performance of "All Around the World" and "Boyfriend" at the awards show, as well as the other performances and red carpet moments.


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