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IndyCar racer Rubens Barrichello to participate in stock car race in Brazil

September 25, 2012

IndyCar racer Rubens Barrichello of Brazil will make an appearance at the Stock Car Championship at Interlagos in his home country December 9, according to AutoSport. The racer agreed to participate in the series as long as a considerable about money was donated. He will start testing in October.

"I think I have watched every Stock Car race for a long time and knew that one day I would be there," Barrichello told the news source. "When this invitation came, I put the possibility of making a donation to the IBK [Instituto Barrichello Kanaan]. It was not a difficult decision to accept the call. The poor children have already won even before the race begins."

Barrichello, 40, who is the most experienced driver in the history of Formula 1, will take his earnings and donate it to his children's charity, which he operates with fellow IndyCar racer and close friend Tony Kanaan, the media outlet reports.

"My experience with these cars is only virtual. I got into the car and it feels completely different - I don't see the wheels!" Barrichello told the publication. "But this year I have already gone through a difficult adjustment in IndyCar, and I don't think that should be any different here. There are a few tests, then, for me, the focus is on the achievement of the Instituto and driving a Stock Car in front of the Brazilian public."

According to The Associated Press, Barrichello has been saying he would like to race stock cars in Brazil when he retired from his career abroad. It is still uncertain whether or not he will return to IndyCar next season.

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