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Putin claims seven billionth baby was born in Western Russia

November 3, 2011

The world population reached seven billion on October 31, according to the United Nations Population Fund, and Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin claims that Pyotr Nikolayev is the official seven billionth person on Earth. Putin is among many claiming their their own country is home to the seven billionth baby, but this figure is practically impossible to prove fore sure.

"How did you manage to do it on the very seven billion mark?" Putin asked Yelena Nikolayeva, mother of the newborn child, surrounded by reporters at the hospital.

Pyotr was born two minutes after midnight on Halloween, according to Reuters, but there was a baby born two minutes before midnight in the Philippines who has been given the title as well. Still other children born on this day in other nations, including India, Britain and even Far East Russia, are contending for the spotlight.

Regardless of whether any of these newborns are responsible for carrying the world population across the 7 billion mark, their families can still make calls to Russia and other countries with international phone cards to offer congratulations. 


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