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China brings Angry Birds to real-life

October 14, 2011

A theme park in China recently opened a life-size, playable Angry Birds game. The popular mobile game, which was first released for Apple users-only in 2009, has grown into a global phenomenon and is available to play on a variety of platforms, but until recently the game was never one that could be played in real life.

The Window to the World amusement part in Changsha, China, decided to change this and incorporate a real-life Angry Birds game into their month-long stress-reducing festival, according to Time. Rovia, the Finnish developer that created Angry Birds, had no part in the creation of this game, but the news source reports that rather than get angry, like their birds, the game creators have decided to pursue a possible partnership that will keep the real-life game alive.

The game consists of a giant slingshot where guests load up plush versions of the disgruntled avian weapons and then launch them at balloon pigs in a large structural setup, which looks just like actual game levels.

People can use phone cards to make calls to China to talk to their friends about the game.


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