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Norway sees boost in Au Pair numbers

October 3, 2011

There's a rising trend in Norway's childcare industry. According to a recent report in The Foreigner, the number of foreign-born Au Pairs living and working in the nation has tripled the occupation's number over the last decade.

More and more, individuals who come from foreign backgrounds are coming to Norway to provide childcare for working parents. Part of the increase is likely due to the fact that more people from a diverse sample of income brackets in Norway are enlisting Au Pair services.

"It was mostly those with a lot of money that contacted us ten years ago," Britt Marie Lindmark of Atlantis Exchange Managing, told the new source. "Today we get inquiries from both single parents and ordinary workers."

Some of these Au Pairs may be of Filipino descent in the near future. According to ABC-CBN News, the Philippine government is currently considering lifting a ban that bars Au Pairs from working in Europe.

Au Pairs who do choose to move to a new country should keep in mind that their family back home is likely thinking of them often. International calling cards make this easier than ever. 


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