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Return of NHL met with joy in Canada

January 21, 2013

After months of gridlock and discussions, the NHL season officially kicked off on Saturday, January 19, much to the delight of millions of hockey fans across Canada. Arguably the country's most popular sport, many of the fans are certainly breathing a sigh of relief after it appeared as though the league was headed toward another canceled season, and with the impressive action on the first weekend of the shortened season, it's clear they would have been missing out on a lot.

Though there was plenty of action over the weekend, one game in particular featured some of Canada's most beloved squads. The Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens - two fierce rivals - squared off on Saturday night. The game was one of the best of day full of exciting match-ups, with the Maple Leafs eking out a 2-1 victory behind goals from Nazem Kadri and Tyler Bozek, reports The Canadian Press.

Maple Leafs fans were surely happy after the win,but even supporters of teams that couldn't manage a victory in the opening weekend were just ashappy to see some action back on the ice. Even though the league put them through another prolonged lockout, many of them are quick to forgive.

“As soon as it was over I jumped right back on,” Maple Leafs fan Myles Resnick, 18, told

In an effort to show fans they appreciate their patience, many teams across Canada and the United States offered free gifts. The Leafs, for instance, treated their fans to some free food, drinks and scarves while giving them the chance to sit in on their beloved team's practice.

The return of hockey is undoubtedly huge news for some families who live a great distance away, but they can use calling cards to Canada to make cheap international calls to discuss the big developments.


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