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Survey found half of Canadian business owners looking to throw a holiday party

December 10, 2012

A recent survey conducted by BMO found that even though many Canadian businesses have been affected by a poor economy and are still unsure of their future, they are still taking the time to host a holiday party for their employees, according to the Calgary Herald.

The BMO's Commercial Banking Holiday Survey showed that 53 percent of working Canadians revealed their employer will be throwing a holiday party for their office, and in Alberta, 54 percent said the same.

In addition, out of those who said they would be throwing a holiday party, 60 percent said they will be as generous as last year, whereas 18 percent said they cut back a bit from 2011. Also, 12 percent reported that they believed their holiday party will be more generous this year.  Close to 12 percent of business owners reported they planned to scale back, 7 percent will be more generous and 76 percent will stay the same.

"In a challenging business environment, it is encouraging to see that many employers are continuing to recognize the contribution of their employees and celebrate the successes of the year," Steve Murphy, senior vice-president of BMO Commercial Banking, told the news source. "This survey, in many ways also reaffirms what we are seeing from employers across the country - that they are investing in their people and their businesses, but in a measured and very deliberate way as they adapt to the new dynamics of the business environment."

When it comes to attending an office holiday party, there are a few words to live by. According to The Wall Street Journal, it is perfectly acceptable to be the first person at a company holiday party, but it is not advisable to be the last. In addition, it is a good idea to know how much to drink before arrival, this way no one crosses the line and feels a bit embarrassed the next morning. This is the same across the globe - whether in Europe, Canada or the United States. So, make sure to find that balance of having fun with co-workers instead of having too much fun with co-workers.

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