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6. Using Your Calling Card

• How do I place a call?
- To make a phone call you dial a Toll Free or a Local Access Number, enter the card's PIN number after the prompt, and then dial the destination number (beginning with '011' for international calls and '1' for domestic calls).
Note: You don't have to dial the PIN number using refillable phone cards, when calling from a registered phone! Read more about PIN-less dialing.
• How do I know if a card has Local Access numbers?
- You can see this information online, please check card's details.
- Check the instructions that you received with the card's PIN number, they always have full information regarding card's Access numbers.
Please double-check the Local Access number with your Local telephone service provider. Make sure that calling particular Local Access number will be considered a local phone call for you; if not, the charge may apply from your local telephone company as for a long distance call. In that case please try to find a local access number that will be a local call for you, or use the Toll-Free access number.
• Is there any difference between calling from a US cell phone or a landline phone?
- If your US cell phone has a free long distance plan, you should be able to use any local access number in the US and enjoy the lower local access rates! Please check with your cell phone carrier to find out the specifics of your plan.
• What should I watch out for when calling from a cell phone?
- When using your cell phone please make sure to follow the correct dialing instructions. When dialing the destination number make sure to press # at the end and not SEND (you may be charged by your cell phone provider, since pressing SEND can start a new call on the other line).
• Calling from a payphone.
- If you place a call from a payphone surcharges will apply. See the card's details for more information.
• Use speed dialing to save your time and simplify the dialing process:
- A. Program the access number into your speed dial key #1.
- B. Program your PIN# into your speed dial key #2.
- C. Program the number you wish to call into your speed dial key #3.
- D. Dial speed key #1, wait for the prompt to enter PIN, dial speed key #2, wait for the prompt to enter the destination number, then dial speed key #3.