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Phone cards Glossary

Access number - a 10 or 11 digits number you dial to use prepaid phone cards. This number is usually a Toll Free number beginning with 800, 866, 877 or 888. Some prepaid phone cards also have Local Access numbers that are local for particular territories and areas.
Connection Fee - This fee applies to phone card's balance every time when the connection is established. Connection fee reduces the advertised number of minutes on the phone card. Most of our phone cards do not have any connection fees.
CSC code - Credit/Debit card security code (CSC) is the last 3 digits printed on the back of the Credit/Debit card, typically in the signature field after your account number.
Destination number - The number you want to call. For international phone calls it begins with "011" then country code and the number; for domestic calls it begins with "1" then the area code and then the number.
Local Access number - This is a local telephone number for particular areas. This number is used as an access number for certain prepaid phone cards. Local Access Numbers are used to reduce costs and provide better rates for customers.
Maintenance Fee - This fee is deducted from the phone card's balance if there is still enough balance. It is not charged on your credit card. The specific amount of fee is listed on each card's detailed description page. Phone card providers usually start charging maintenance fees within 24 hours after the first phone call is finished, but this can vary by card. It is usually deducted by midnight according to the Eastern Standard time. Most phone cards on our website do not have any maintenance fees.
PayPhone - A public (or private) telephone that accepts coins or encoded credit cards, can be located outdoors or indoors. Our Phone Cards can be used from any public payphone in the Continental USA.
Pay-Phone Surcharge - This surcharge applies to the phone card's balance for each call made from a payphone.
PIN Free Access - When you buy a Refillable phone card, you register your phone number with us. When you dial from the registered phone, after entering the Access number the system automatically recognizes you, and as a result you do not have to enter your PIN.
PIN - phone card's Personal Identification Number.
Refillable phone card - a rechargeable phone card that offers the following features: refill opportunity, PIN-Free access, Permanent PIN, unlimited expiration period, balance transfer option.
Rounding - This is the basic unit for phone call duration calculation. The normal minute rounding for prepaid phone cards is one minute. Some phone cards have two(2)and three(3)minutes rounding. We are proud to have the first 1-second rounding phone card on the market, Chopin!
Service Fees and Surcharges - Fees may be deducted from the phone card's balance for each phone call made. Most of our card's fees vary from 0% to 15%. For example, if the rate is 5 c/min and the fee is 10% the phone card's balance will be reduced by 5.5 cents for each minute of talk time.
Toll Free Access number - 11 digits telephone number beginning with 800, 866, 877 or 888 you need to dial to use prepaid phone cards.
Validity period - Phone card's expiration period, which starts after the first phone call was made. On our website we offer cards with limited and unlimited expiration periods (at least one refill in 6 month required for unlimited cards).