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1. Selecting a Card

• Why should I buy a phone card online?

Phone cards online offer domestic and international rates that are usually much lower than rates offered by residential phone service providers and prepaid phone cards sold in stores.
What are the benefits of online phone cards?
You receive your PIN number and Access number instantly.
It is easy to compare rates and find the best deal for you.
How do these cards work?
To make a phone call you dial Toll Free Access Number or Local Access Number, after a voice prompt enter card's PIN number, and then dial the Destination number. (Note: for Refillable phone cards, calling from a registered phone, you don't have to dial the PIN number!)

• Different kinds of calling cards.

Refillable phone cards:
Refill Option: You can refill these cards at anytime in your account online or over the phone.
Permanent PIN: You receive a PIN number that becomes your card's permanent number. Everytime you refill the balance you are adding funds to the same PIN.
PIN-Free Access: When you sign up, you have the option to register your phone number for PIN-less dialing. When dialing from your registered phone, you will not need to enter your PIN number.
Balance transfers: You can transfer funds from one refillable card to any other refillable card.

• Finding the best rate.

Select the country you'd like to call FROM and TO. (Please note: If you are calling TO a mobile/cell phone you must specify this in the destination search window.)
The lowest rates are shown on the top of page; each card displays the amount of minutes available for the amount selected.

• Finding the right phone card.

If you usually place short phone calls, are not sure the person you are calling is there, or believe the phone call may trigger an answering machine, then a card with no connection fee and low rounding would be best for you.
If you are not planning to use your card often but plan on keeping it for a long period of time, then a card with no maintenance fee would be best for you.
If you are calling using a payphone, then a card with a low pay-phone surcharge would be best for you.

*Note: Before you buy a phone card, make sure you have read the card's details, especially when purchasing a card with an extremely low rate!

• Charges applied to phone cards.

Connection Fee:
It applies everytime a phone call connects. The charge may vary depending on the number you are dialing.
Service Fees & Surcharges:
This charge is deducted from your balance for each phone call made. It usually varies from 0 to 25%. (For example: if the rate is 5 ¢/min and the fee is 10%, then a 20 minute phone call will cost $1.10).
Maintenance Fee:
Maintenance fees are deducted from your calling card's balance as long as a balance remains on the card. They are deducted within about 24 hours of the first phone call. Depending on the card, the maintenance fee can be charged every month, every two weeks, or every week.
This is the basic unit for calculating phone call duration. Our prepaid phone cards can be rounded to 1 second, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, or 3 minutes.
Pay-Phone Surcharge:
Most cards deduct a 99¢ surcharge from the card balance if a public pay-phone is used.

*Note: When choosing a phone card it is very important to pay attention to the card's details. There you can find all the information regarding the information above.


Frequently asked questions about refillable phone cards:
Q. What if I need to get more than one of the same refillable phone card?

A. You need to register a different e-mail address for an account on our site. After completing the registration, the system will consider you a new member, and you will be able to buy another card with a new PIN.

Q. What if I want to change my registered phone number?

A. -Go to "My Account" » "Permanent PIN(s) » Balance / Reports / Add PIN Free Numbers » Press "Remove" button » enter the number You want to remove.
-This option is not available for "Jupiter" phone card.

Q. How do I register new phone numbers for my refillable phone card?

A. Go to "My Account" » "Permanent PIN(s)" » Balance / Reports / Add PIN Free Numbers » Enter a new number You want to register » Press "Add number" button.

Q. Is it possible to register the same phone number for more than one refillable phone card (with the same name)?

A. If more than one person wants to use the same phone number as registered phone number, they should get different refillable phone cards- never with the same name.

Q. How do I refill my Permanent PIN?

A. To refill your Permanent PIN- login into "My Account" -> "My Permanent PIN(s)" -> select phone card and amount you wish to add and press the button "Refill".
Call us during our business hours and we will refill your card's balance for you.

Q. How many minutes are on my card, and how can I check the balance on my card?

A. Our phone cards are dollars/cents based. The number of minutes depends on the rate for the destination you are calling. You'll be informed of how many minutes you have on your card, after a destination number is entered when you make a call. With some cards, you'll be notified about your balance after the PIN is entered.

Q. What if I forgot the 4-digit password for my "Jupiter" phone card?

A. Go to "My Account" » Permanent PINs » Change Password » enter new password and press "Setup New Password" button. You can enter any four digit number.