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New hotel breaking ground in Haiti for business travelers

December 28, 2012

Business travelers who find themselves heading to Haiti will now have a new hotel to stay at. According to The New York Times, the telecommunications giant Digicel and Marriott International have broke ground on a $45 million hotel in Port-au-Prince. It is expected to be completed by 2015.

The 175-room hotel is a first for both companies. It's Marriott's first in Haiti and Digicel, which has been making moves to increase foreign investors since the 2010 earthquake, will start an effort in tourism for the first time, according to the media outlet reports. Digicel recognized that there wasn't a hotel to accommodate business travelers and asked Marriott to help them make it happen.

"We are always encouraging people to look at the opportunity that Haiti presents from an investment point of view," Colm Delves, Digicel's chief executive, told the news source. "Not only will this be a solution to the accommodation issues in the city, it will also create jobs."

The hotel will be complete with conference rooms and a ballroom for business travelers, but it will also include a swimming pool, a few restaurants and bars, which can appeal to leisure travelers as well, the media outlet reports.

According to ABC News, this new hotel is definitely a necessity, as people have been having a tough time finding rooms since the earthquake destroyed nearly 850 hotel rooms.

Business travelers should keep a couple things in mind no matter where they are traveling. For instance, it is important to always pack as light as possible to make it easier to go from the hotel to plane, and so forth. In addition, travelers should also bring their international calling cards so regardless of where they are, they are able to call home. 


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