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Canada sees crime rates fall to lowest levels in 40 years

July 24, 2012

Statistics Canada recently released its annual crime report, and the data indicates there were fewer crimes reported in 2011 than there have been since 1972. According to The Canadian Press, there were nearly two million crimes reported in 2011, which is roughly 110,000 crimes fewer than in 2010. Some crimes decreased, while others rose.

Crimes committed by minors declined significantly last year. The report indicates approximately 135,600 kids ages 12 to 17 were charged with crimes, which is close to 18,000 fewer youth crimes than in 2010. Violent and nonviolent crimes also declined by 4 and 7 percent, respectively.

Reports of impaired driving and drug offenses increased in 2011, however. There were nearly 93,000 reports of impaired driving in 2011, which is a 2 percent increase since 2010, and the fourth time this rate has risen in the past five years. Homicide increased by 7 percent and criminal harassment saw a 1 percent rate increase as well, according to CBC News.

Those who want to discuss the latest crime data can make calls to Canada to talk about the report with their friends.


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