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Non-profit group helps military personnel travel home for the holidays

December 22, 2011

Servicemen and women are often required to move around the country during their enlistment. Living far away from loved ones can be especially difficult during the holiday season, which is why non-profit group Home for the Holidays teamed up with Southwest Airlines.

The organization is helping 45 military members to see their wives, children and other family members this December, roughly one third of whom are set to deploy overseas in the next few months, according to CNN-affiliate 10News in San Diego.

Many military members will not be able to make it home this holiday season, but they can always use phone cards to call their loved ones. It is certainly not the same as getting to be there in person, but hearing the voices of family and friends can be the best gift for servicemen and women.

International calling cards can also make great gifts for those who are about to be deployed so they can stay in touch while they fulfill their duty to the country.


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