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Electricity will soon come to 120,000 rural Cameroon residents

November 23, 2011

A long-term project in Cameroon will deliver electricity to the homes of about 120,000 residents in 33 villages across the African nation by 2012. reports that while this may seem like a lot, this only accounts for about 18 percent of village communities that are without electricity in Cameroon.

Not only will the installation of electric power grids in these towns allow residents to see at night, but it will also provide more options for farming and preserving crops. People who are living and working outside of the country will also be able to make calls to Cameroon to stay in touch with relatives living in these rural areas.

The project, which began in 2007, will not only distribute power to these villages, but they will be integrated with the mainstream power grid to better facilitate maintenance of the new systems.

One of the primary concerns with this initiative is that even though some villages are already rigged for electricity, a number of local residents cannot afford to use the technology anyway. The news source reports that bringing electricity to more rural areas of Cameroon may force officials to find ways to lower delivery costs so more can have access to the power.


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