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German government turns to YouTube to reach its citizens

October 19, 2011

YouTube is not just a site for people to watch cute videos of kittens and funny ones of people getting hurt in dumb ways, it is also an effective way to reach a large audience, whether for commercial, political or news-based purposes.

Germany will be utilizing the video-hosting site to garner public interest and involvement in politics and public affairs. Reuters reports that next month, Chancellor Angela Merkel will answer questions submitted to the site, whether in written or video form on the Bundesregierung (Cabinet of Germany) channel. She will be fielding the top ten most popular questions, in hopes that this approach to public involvement will bring politics to a younger generation of Germans.

"The German government is eager to expand its offering of information and Internet communications through contemporary tools," George Streiter, a government spokesman, told the news source.

The move to the use of social media is likely due to the success of the newest political group, the Pirate Party. The organization stresses the importance of transparency in governmental affairs, and even debated broadcasting official meetings live from the Parliamentary floor.

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