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First conference to focus on women's football held in South Africa

November 22, 2011

The very first FIFA/CAF conference was recently held in South Africa, following the Women's World Cup Germany 2011. The aim of the conference was not only to review the match, but also to take a closer look at the status of women's football in Africa and how the players are faring, reports.

"For me this was a very successful event in that I believe we all walk away having looked deep into problems facing women's football in Africa," Fran Hilton-Smith, the assistant technical director at the South African Football Association, told the news source. "We had presentations from other nations who have been at the World Cup advising us of what is required to prepare a team and compete at the highest level. We learned from Japan and England how to plan better for the Olympic Games. There was a big emphasis on scientific development of teams as well as tactical/technical know-how of players."

The conference also examined the health and stamina of African players, who tended to perform better in the first half of the games and lose steam later on. People who are interested in what happened during the conference can use international phone cards to make calls to South Africa and discuss the event with their friends.


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