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Miss China stands a chance of winning Miss Universe

August 19, 2011

Luo Zilin, a 24-year-old Chinese beauty was recently crowned Miss China, and she is currently living in New York to prepare for the Miss Universe pageant in Sao Paulo this September. She is staying with Yue-Sai Kan, who is affectionately known as the "Oprah of China," the Wall Street Journal reports.

"The problem with Chinese models at the Miss Universe contest is that they are just too Chinese," Ms. Kan told the news source. "The girls can't be all that Chinese - it's Miss Universe. They've got to be quite savvy about the world and what I'm trying to do is to expose them to as many savvy things as possible."

Ms. Kan is currently putting Luo Zilin, who has adopted the English name Rosaline, through rigorous beauty training. What does that entail, exactly? Well, Miss China spends her days studying the catwalk, dance, English and Portuguese, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. She also gets to go shopping, take in Broadway shows and attend parties with celebrities to get a better understanding of Western culture.

China has only been competing in the global pageant since 2002, and as of yet has not won. With Ms. Kan's training, Rosaline stands a good shot at taking the title of Miss Universe this year, and people can use international phone cards to make calls to China to talk about the contest.


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