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South African Nashen Moodley appointed as director of Sydney Film Festival

November 9, 2011

Organizers of the Sydney Film Festival (SFF) recently announced that Nashen Moodley will be the festival's new director. Moodley made a name for himself by creating the Durban FilmMart program, which helps African filmmakers pitch their ideas and projects to leading financiers. He has also been the head of programming for the Durban International Film Festival for the past decade, but will now be traveling to Australia to take charge of the SFF, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

"Nashen Moodley joins Sydney Film Festival at a time of great strength and growth," SFF Chairman Chris Freeland told the Hollywood Reporter. "His strong international film festival connections and curatorial flair ensure that Sydney will continue to be presented the best films and filmmakers from around the world whilst highlighting the great films and talent of the Australian film industry."

People can make calls to South Africa to talk to their friends about the Durban International Film Festival - which is the longest-running film fest in the nation - and the SFF, which is one of the longest-running festivals in the world.


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