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Handwashing in your hotel can save money and time

September 27, 2011

Most business travelers pack light to avoid luggage fees and reduce their airport stress, but what happens when the clothes they bring need to be washed before the trip is over? One option can be to use a hotel laundry service, if it is offered. However not every hotel or motel will have this service, and not every business traveler is willing or able to pay for that luxury.

Another option can be to find a laundromat and do a small load, but then you will need to buy detergent, find a way to get to the laundromat if there isn't one close to your hotel and get quarters, all of which can be a major pain.

However, many business travelers find that hand-washing their garments can be the best way to get them clean without ever leaving the hotel room. You can purchase a bar of laundry soap for less than $5, according to The Economist, and it will work on stains too. It can be wise to bring along a sewing kit in case you lose a button or need to make any other minor fixes. You don't have to worry about wrinkles either, as many hotels provide irons.

If you're handwashing due to budgetary constraints, another way you can save money is to bring along a calling card on a trip so you can make long-distance calls for less.


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