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New to Russia: Krispy Kreme

September 16, 2013

Americans know the delight of Krispy Kreme donuts - the sweet treats are quite popular in the States. However, Russian citizens likely have not had the chance to try the confections unless they visited the U.S. - until now. According to the Washington Post, the very first franchise of the American chain has finally come to the streets of Moscow.

Krispy Kreme's newest outpost
Russian individuals who have used international calling cards to discuss cuisine in the U.S. have likely heard of Krispy Kreme donuts, which is famous for its light, airy and delicious donuts that are often served hot. Though the store didn't open its doors until Thursday morning, a line had already begun to form nearly 24 hours in advance. This may be because the first customer would win free donuts for a year.

Sussana Agababyan, a 21-year-old Italian translator, waited until the crowd died down before paying the store a visit. She sampled a chocolate donut as well as the original. "They put something in it," she joked with the news source. "I had the original. It's really tasty."

Agababyan said she had heard of a rumor of a Krispy Kreme opening in Moscow, but because it had been delayed, she was disappointed and began to fear the big day would never come. Thankfully, she and other fans can now enjoy the donuts whenever they like.

The store is located on Nikolskaya Street, which has an interesting history. It was on that street were Russia's first book was printed, way back in 1564. The first college in Moscow opened on Nikolskaya Street in 1685, and the first newspaper in the country was published there on 1703. It's also located very close to the Kremlin and the Lubyanka, which houses the nations' security police.

A history of Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme's roots date back to 1937, when Vernon Rudolph purchased a top-secret recipe from a French chef in New Orleans. He took that recipe to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he began selling the first Krispy Kreme donuts to grocery stores.

Since then, the popularity of the donuts has allowed the stores to expand immensely. In 2000, the first international Krispy Kreme opened near Toronto, Canada. There are now Krispy Kremes in Sydney, London, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Turkey and many other locations around the globe. 


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