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China blames U.S. for hacking attacks

February 28, 2013

It is no secret that hacking into governmental programs has become an issue, and now China is blaming someone for it. China's Defense Ministry recently came out and reported that there were 144,00 hacking attacks to the Ministry and another major Chinese military website just last month, and they are blaming the United States for the surge in attacks as of late, according to Reuters. In fact, they explained that two-thirds of the attacks were based in the States.

"The Defense Ministry and China Military Online websites have faced a serious threat from hacking attacks since they were established, and the number of hacks has risen steadily in recent years," ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng told the news source. "According to the IP addresses, the Defence Ministry and China Military Online websites were, in 2012, hacked on average from overseas 144,000 times a month, of which attacks from the U.S. accounted for 62.9 percent." 

Geng also added that the U.S. has not been helpful in combating this problem, but he is hoping that these comments will require the U.S. to report back with some valid reasons why they have not been more involved in the process, the media outlet reports. 

According to The Associated Press, Geng also criticized the Mandiant report, which has blamed the numerous cases of hacking on the People's Liberation Army's Shanghai-based Unit 61398. Geng explained that it was did not follow the facts of what happened. However, this same report was praised by experts in the industry that were interviewed by the AP. Many of these experts said that it showcased an accurate picture of what hacking efforts have been occurring in China over the years. 

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