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Mexicans jailed after violent protests against new president

December 4, 2012

Enrique Pena Nieto took office this past weekend, and many Mexican residents made their way out to protest against the incoming president, and as a result nearly 70 were detained, according to ABC News.

There were 69 arrests made for allegedly destroying business and public property. They were charged with rioting and disturbing public peace, but now protesters are standing up again, saying the police were using excessive force.

On Monday, a number of groups held a rally outside of Mexico City's Independence Monument to ask for these detainees to be freed. Aura Sorita, who was one of the many at the rally, was holding up a poster with two university students' picture. Sorita's friend, Mary Montezuma and Obed Palgod, were one of the 69 detained after the protest, and she is far from pleased with the allegation.

"They weren't doing anything but voicing their opposition against an imposed president who is bad for the country," Sorita told the news source. "The only thing they were doing was trying to help another [friend] who'd fallen to the floor. That was enough motive for the police to hit them, and detain them too... They've been accused of attacking a bus that was destroyed at the same time as they were arrested in another part [of the city]."

It has not been a violent-free endeavor and the event is being looked into. According to The Huffington Post, a number of protesters were caught on video as they battled with police, resulting in a number of injuries before getting arrested.

Those who want to discuss the recent events can make calls to Mexico using international calling cards


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