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Jared Leto poses with elephant in South Africa

February 6, 2013

Jared Leto has done quite a bit for his movie roles as well as modeling career in the past, and now photos of the 41-year-old actor posing with an enormous creature while in South Africa have been released. According to The Huffington Post, the actor posed with elephants at an elephant park in Knysna, South Africa. 

The photos were taken by photographer and director Warwick Saint in 2004, and appeared in Flaunt magazine. However, the actor recently posted the old pictures on his website, the media outlet reports. 

These pictures are a lot different from the recent shots taken of the actor while he is filming "The Dallas Buyers Club." Leto was recently seen with no eyebrows and he dropped a significant amount of weight for the role, leading to some fans doing a double take when viewing the model shots taken in 2004,Leto also was spotted in drag for the film earlier this year, showing that no matter what,  he takes his work very seriously and will go to any length to make it seem real. 

According to E! Online, editorial photos of an elephant and a model or actor is nothing new. The news source believes that both Leto and Saint were paying a tribute in a sense to Richard Avedon, a famous photographer whose iconic image, Dovima With Elephants, has become one of the most recognizable and celebrated pieces of fashion photography. 

Fans of Leto will likely stayed tuned to see what the actor has in store next.  Those who want to talk about the old pictures can make calls to South Africa using international calling cards. 


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