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Teixeira resigns as head of Brazil's football federation

March 13, 2012

Ricardo Teixeira has officially resigned from his role as the head of the Brazilian football federation and as a member of the 2014 World Cup planning committee. The Associated Press reports the 64-year-old took medical leave and submitted his resignation while he was away from his work. Teixeira, who has been in charge of the sport in Brazil for 23 years, was expected to stay in the role until 2015, but he cited medical and personal reasons for his early exit.

"It's not easy to preside passion," Teixeira wrote in his letter of resignation, according to the news source. "Football in our country is associated with two things - talent and disorganization. When we win, talent is praised. When we lose, it's about disorganization. I did what was within my reach, sacrificing my health. I was criticized in the losses and undervalued in the victories."

Allegations of corruption have surrounded Teixeira for many years, including suspicions that he received kickbacks from a former FIFA marketing partner. Despite these accusations, Teixeira is still a member of the FIFA executive committee, Reuters reports.

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