Comfi Products and Services

Calling Cards

Comfi offers a wide range of calling cards with inexpensive rates to many destinations. Using calling cards lets you save up to 95% on the long-distance and international calls.

Mobile Apps

Make cheap international calls directly from your Address Book on your iPhone or Android. Comfi Call International App is free to download and easy to use. Save up to 98% on calling rates.

Prepaid Cell Refill

Prepaid wireless recharge service allows you to refill and buy airtime minutes for pay-as-you-go phones, such as T-mobile, Verizon, Tracfone, Boost and many more.

PIN-less Access

By registering a phone number, you can avoid entering the calling card PIN every time you call. When you place the call our system recognizes the registered phone number so you only have to dial an access number.

Speed Dial

Speed Dial allows you to save long or complicated international numbers as a one-digit number. Just enter this number after dialing the access number and PIN. Get connected!

Dialing Codes

Find country and city dialing codes you need to make long distance calls, current time and time zone, and currency exchange rates.

Anonymous Calling

Call someone from any phone without exposing your phone number on the person's Caller ID. Great for anyone who wants to protect their privacy.