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Pin-less Access

Permanent PINs!

Buy one of our Refillable phone cards and get your Permanent PIN!

Permanent PIN provides You with the following additional benefits:

  • Refill option.
    You can refill this kind of cards at anytime - all You need is an access to the Internet!
    Every time You make a refill You add funds to the same PIN number!

  • No expiration date! If you refill your card periodically

  • Balance transfer opportunity!
    You can always transfer the balance from your card to any other refillable card!

    PIN Free Access!

    Register your phone number with Permanent PIN and enjoy PIN Free Access feature!

    Every time You call from the registered phone, your number is recognized automatically after dialing the Access number. Most refillable calling cards allow you to register up to 6 phone numbers so you don't have to enter a hard-to-remember PIN!

    Note: PIN-Free Access feature is only available in the USA and Canada.