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How to call the Middle East from the US

011 + country code + area code + phone number
  • 011 -------------- the exit code for the US must be dialed before any international call
  • Country Code ---- a specific code for the Middle Eastern country you want to reach
  • Area Code ----- a code specific to the city you are calling in a Middle Eastern country
  • Phone Number ----------------------------------the phone number you are trying to call!
Q: Why should I use Middle Eastern phone cards? How can calling cards help me to save on calls to the Middle East? How do I call to the Middle East? How do I use a prepaid phone card to reach the Middle East?
A: Middle East calling cards can help you to save on all of your international calls! Phone to the Middle East instantly by purchasing a refillable, permanent international phone card! Middle East calling can be done dialing a local or toll free access number, entering in the PIN number of your phone card to the Middle East, and dialing the number you would like to reach. Calling the Middle East has never been easier or less expensive!