Travel International with Comfi Global SIM. Low rates for Calls, Data and SMS. Get your International numbers.
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Global SIM

Getting Started

Ensure your Phone is an Unlocked GSM Phone
Detach SIM card from the holder and insert it into the phone
If the SIM card is not recognized, it is likely that the phone is locked
Some phones will display "restricted" or "not allowed"

Your Comfi Global Numbers

To activate your numbers (International and US) please login to your account and Activate your SIM Card. You will get:

  • International number (starts with +44)
  • US number (starts with +1)

To keep your numbers active use the service at least once within 9 months.

Making a Call

To place calls from outside US dial destination numbers in following format: 
(+) Country code + Area code + Number (example: + 44 207 2901111)

  • Dial the destination Number and Press "Call"
  • Within 10 to 30 seconds, you will receive a call
  • Answer incoming call and Comfi will connect you to the destination number

Receiving a Call

You can be reached by dialing any of your numbers

Call Forwarding

Activate call forwarding on your domestic phone (ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and others) to your US number. All calls to your domestic numbers will be redirected to your Comfi Global phone automatically.

Add Airtime

Refill balance online or by calling Customer Service

User Codes

User codes only work if the subscriber is connected to a mobile network.

  • Account balance
    The user should see "balance = ****"

  • Call back
    The number is the destination in e164 format (+country code - number).
    The user should see "Please wait, calling...".

  • Active SIM numbers
    If you have several numbers you should see "We will show +xxxx for your outbound calls and you can receive calls on +xxxx, +xxx"

  • Unconditional call forward
    The number is the destination in e164 format (+country code-number).
    You should see "Call forward to: number”

  • Call forward status
    You should see a message listing the current type of call forward setup and the destination number.

  • Disable call forwarding
    You should see "Call forwarding is disabled"

  • Voicemail
    Will be charged at the regular rate for incoming calls to the country you are calling from.

  • Customer Service
    Will be charged at the regular rate for incoming calls to the country you are calling from.

  • Texting service to a Verizon phone is currently unavailable.

Service is currently unavailable.
For questions, please contact us.