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JukeBox releases first album after winning Star Quest 2010

October 27, 2011

JukeBox, the band that won the 2010 edition of Star Quest, recently released their first album. To celebrate the new album, a launch party was held at The Place in Lagos and many celebrities and dignitaries were in attendance, according to PM News Nigeria.

Kenny Ogungbe, the CEO of Kennis Music, the label that produced JukeBox's album, spoke to the event guests to publicly commend the band for their hard work and dedication after they won the only Nigerian talent competition that seeks bands specifically. He also said that their contract would be renewed with the label.

The six-piece band got a chance to play some of the songs from their new record, and there's no doubt that Joshua Itietie displayed the rap skills that helped the group win the Star Quest competition last year, The News Africa reported. He, along with Agunpopo Josephine Olamide, Wilson Emeka - the lead vocalist, keyboardist Epanty Gregory, bassist Asindi Sam and band leader Egbosa Frank, who plays the drums, was excited to win the competition, so the album release party must have been even more rewarding.

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