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Two men arrested in hit-and-run toddler tragedy

October 24, 2011

Last week, the Chinese toddler who was hit by two separate vans passed away a week after 18 pedestrians walked by and did nothing to help the two-year-old crying out in pain. Footage of the event from a security camera surfaced and went viral around the globe almost instantly. While 18 people did nothing, thousands of area residents were outraged by their behavior.

The Telegraph reports that about 10,000 residents in Guangzhou mourned her death by holding signs with slogans that denounced the cold-heartedness of the nation. Still others went to the scene of the grievous accident to promote compassion by handing out hugs.

"That one moment of coldness spread across the country and became everyone's wound," a member of the group told the news source. "We would have at least stopped and pulled her aside. We would have asked for help, called the police and protected her."

Two men have been placed under arrest for the crime, but the charges have not been publicly announced, according to The Washington Post.

People can use international phone cards to make calls to China to talk to their friends about the events surrounding the tragedy as they continue to unfold.


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