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Russian budding designer contest was less daring than recent years

October 21, 2011

The global economy is still in recovery mode, and this financial state was well-represented in the recent Russian Silhouette international fashion designer contest in Moscow earlier this week. Reuters report that the design students' collections were less than eye-catching, and the judges claimed that this was due to restricted budgets.

"Unable to spend a lot, this year designers played safe and acquired similar style, that's why the show was a bit weak," Gevorg Rene, an Armenian fashion designer, told the publication at the show. "I wanted to see more individuality and more guts."

Of the 67 designers whose collections were showcased on the Moscow runway, 30 were offered internships and education programs from fashion designers all across Europe and Asia.

The winner of the competition, Alexandra Ulyanova from Moscow, received enrollment in a year-long master's program at the Domus Academy fashion school.

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