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Frank McKenna donates $1 million to university

February 28, 2013

Frank McKenna, the former premier of New Brunswick, Canada, recently revealed that he and his wife, Julie, will be donating $1 million to St. Thomas University in Fredericton in order to help the school build an endowment for the Communications and Public Policy Centre, according to CBC News. 

This fund will help bring in various speakers as well as public policy lectures, various forums, student research, scholarships for students and much more. McKenna, who was the premier of New Brunswick from 1987 to 1997, is thrilled to be able to give this money  in order to improve the school.  

"Julie and I are fortunate to be in a position where we can make a difference in the lives of St. Thomas University students, and support them as they pursue and develop competencies and a desire to work with complex public policy issues," McKenna said in a statement. "The center, the distinguished speaker series, and new scholarships will add value to an already exceptional undergraduate student experience at St. Thomas University."

With this donation, the president of St. Thomas University, Dawn Russell, is hoping that the school becomes a leader in the communications and public policy field as a result. 

"The modern study of communications demands an understanding of the complex ways of engaging citizens rather than simply informing them and this happens while policy is being developed and implemented. We want our students to explore this dynamic and excel in this profession, for whatever cause inspires them," Russell said in a statement.

Those who want to talk about the recent donation and what it can do for the university can make calls to Canada using international calling cards


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