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Everyone wants Brazilian soccer star Neymar

February 25, 2013

Neymar has become one of the biggest sensations in soccer, and everyone wants the star to leave Brazil and join their team, and this includes Sao Paulo's Luis Fabiano, who recently told reporters he thinks Neymar would fit well in Spain and should consider the switch, according to Sambafoot. 

"Neymar is very good but he needs experience playing in Europe. It is very competitive there, but the two of them playing together would be very difficult to stop," Fabiano told the news source. "Because of Neymar's playing style I think the best place for him to go is Spain, and Barça play the best football in Europe."

However, Neymar isn't looking to leave Brazil, even though he does appreciate everyone's input, Time magazine reveals. 

"Of course, I hear the advice of everyone who wishes me well, but the final decision is always mine, with my family," Neymar told the publication. "I'm very happy that major players are always giving their opinions about my life, my game. I am very thankful for that... I like to be in Brazil, this is what I wish. I always do as my heart tells me. For me, the right time has not come for me to leave Brazil. I am very happy at Santos. I am very happy in Brazil. I'm with my family, my friends. I am very happy."

Neymar went on to say that he doesn't think that he developed any slower because he stayed in Brazil instead of going to Europe earlier on. Even though some believe that those who go to Europe are able to improve their skills at a faster rate because of the seemingly better coaching, this may not be the case for Neymar, according to the media outlet. 

Many also think that Neymar is under more pressure because the World Cup is going to be taking place in Brazil in 2014, but he does not believe this singles him out, but his team as a whole. 

"I don't think there's pressure on me. But this Cup is happening at home, so the pressure on the [Brazilian national team] is doubled. Given all the accomplishments of the national team in the history of [soccer], it is always favored to win in any competition," Neymar told the news outlet. 

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