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Former South Africa assistant coach charged with trying to fix game

February 12, 2013

Phil Setshedi, the former assistant coach of South Africa's national team, has recently been sentenced to three years in prison after being convicted of trying to fix a game, according to The Associated Press. 

Setshedi was charged after he tried to bribe who he thought was a referee with $220 to influence the outcome of a playoff game in 2011. However, the man who was posing as a referee, was in fact an undercover police officer, the media outlet reports. Not only does this affect Setshedi's life, but it also put a spotlight on previous games that could possibly have been the result of match-fixing. 

According to SAPA, officials are not surprised at the sentence, and believe that there is no reason for the legal system to go easy on him because it was his first offense. 

"Young children looked up to you as a soccer legend, but even off the soccer field you have to set an example to children." Magistrate S. Sonnenberg told the news source. 

Those who want to discuss Setshedi's plight can make calls to South Africa using international calling cards. 


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