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Volunteerism becomes new concept in Russia

February 6, 2013

The 2014 Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi, Russia, and volunteers from all over the country are flocking to the city as a way to show their country's pride, according to NBC News. 

"I want to show foreigners that we are a friendly country and that we're not just drinking vodka!" 19-year-old Tatiana Kulagina told the news source. 

Kulagina is one of the 25,000 people who have volunteered their services to help build and get the city ready for the Olympics. If anyone finds that the volunteer work is too difficult, there are plenty of others waiting for their chance. According to the media outlet, there are more than 160,000 applications to volunteer. The upcoming Olympics will need all the help possible, as it is expected to surpass Beijing 2008 as the most expensive Olympics to date, with at least $50 billion going into it. This is five times the original estimate. 

Even though there is plenty of work to be done, it is not stopping any of the volunteers. 

"I just realized this will be one of the greatest things in my life," Vareriya Zvezdova, 19, told the publication. "I will be a little part of this great action, but I'll represent my country and that's why I think it's great."

According to The Guardian, regardless of those who are volunteering, it comes as a surprise to many why the city of Sochi was selected to host the 2014 Winter Olympics. The Opening Ceremony is exactly a year away, and this week in Sochi, the temperatures are about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and temperatures average out to about 40 degrees in February.

Those who want to talk abou​t the upcoming Olympics and volunteerism can make calls to Russia using international calling cards. 


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