January 19, 2007

Customizable Business Phone System From ComFi?.com is Cost-Efficient and Effective!

Wellesley, MAComFi?.com, a subsidiary of Unipoint Technologies, is proud to announce their new TurboPBX in-house phone network for businesses. Normal networks can be difficult to use, have insufficient features, and be plain inefficient. And that can project badly on a firm. ComFi?'s TurboPBX smooths out all the bumps and gives users a phone network they can rely on and improve their business with. Clients will notice the difference!

TurboPBX is a brand new business-class PBX* service that provides all the features of a super-expensive on-site PBX at a fraction of the cost. It does this by routing calls over the Internet rather than via traditional telephone providers. (*PBX stands for “Private Branch eXchange,” a term used to describe a private telephone network used within an enterprise.)

This is a very flexible system. TurboPBX is available to access and use globally, wherever a broadband connection is available. The user can take a Wi-Fi phone or softphone on trips and begin making free or VoIP?-rate calls from anywhere. And the caller-ID will appear as if the user is in their office, even if they're actually on their boat!

“This is an outstanding new product that will improve the image and efficiency of any business,” says Gary Nard, ComFi?'s Director of Operations. “And it has all the features a business needs.”

Those features include auto attendant, voice mailboxes, queues and ring groups, call forwarding and follow-me, and music on hold.

And quality is assured. “Turbo PBX has deployed a proprietary network architecture that allows our engineers to monitor the entire network path from the PBX to your home or office,” explains Mr. Nard. “With this visibility we have the capability to quickly and easily change the configuration of your PBX deployment to resolve most issues.”

ComFi?'s TurboPBX promises to become an integral part of the business communications environment.
This is an official release of the ComFi? Press Office.