December 29, 2006

Users Get Connected Worldwide With a Simple Text Message From Their Cell Phone

Wellesley, MAComFi?.com, a subsidiary of Unipoint Technologies, is proud to announce their new SMS-Call feature. This convenient service allows the customer to send a brief text message to ComFi?, including the number they wish to call, and we connect them.

It's simple to use, both parties can receive incoming calls, and the rates are extremely low.

“One of the several great things about our SMS-Call is that it supports most mobile carriers in 85 countries worldwide,” says Gary Nard, ComFi?'s Director of Operations. “So you can go virtually anywhere in the world and get connected on your mobile phone and it isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg.”

To obtain this service, new users first need to register their phone number with ComFi?. They may buy time in a variety of increments starting as low as $5. Then they're ready to go!

Full information, and the registration link, can be found at

“Literally billions of text messages are sent in the U.S. alone each month – primarily from cell phones. So this service is a natural extension of that,” says Mr. Nard. “And of course SMS-Call, like all of our services, is backed by ComFi?'s excellent customer support.”
This is an official release of the ComFi? Press Office.