It's not what your soldiers can do for you.
It's what You can do for your soldiers!

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Talk to your friends and loved ones with AT&T card from
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  • Looking for calling cards to call to Iraq?
AT&T is a perfect card for any occasion:
  • Call back to home from Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and many other countries.
  • Call from US to international numbers, or from abroad back to US
  • Call from foreign country to another foreign country
 Full list of countries and a rate table

AT&T card has no connection fee, no maintenance fee, no taxes, no expiration date, and 1 minute rounding.

Friendly and helpful customer service can be accessed from all of the countries listed in the full countries' list.

Dialing instructions from Iraq:
  1. Dial the AT&T Access Number 1-800-506-9511. You can use phone line on the military base (rate is 55 ¢/min), satellite phone, and AT&T dedicated line (rate is 100 ¢/min).
  2. Dial or say your PIN
  3. Dial or say your Destination Number
    For Calls to the US and Canada: 1 + Area code + Phone number
    For Calls to/within foreign Countries: 011 + Country code + City code + Phone number