Mexico Dialing Plan Change.

The COFETEL, the telecommunications regulatory body in Mexico, will activate the Calling Party Pays Order on Saturday, November 4, 2006.

The Order has two major changes:

1. Calls to mobile numbers in Mexico will be paid by the calling party.

  • This method (Calling Party Pays) is nothing new to the telecom industry and is widely used in the international networks today to gain market share. For example, when this method was activated in Latin America a few years ago the total number of mobile subscribers grew by 80%.''

2. Dialing plan changes to call Mexican mobile numbers only will move to a standard 13 digits instead of the current 12 digits.

  • For calls that originate outside of Mexico (US & international), you must dial:

+ 52 + 1 + city code + mobile number

  • For calls that originate within Mexico (domestic long distance), you must dial:

045 + city code + number

  • Along with the dialing plan changes, there will also be an increased rate per minute charge for these mobile calls. The rate for this new code reflects a surcharge required by COFETEL for each call that terminates to a (+52+1) telephone number.

So, what does this all mean?

Calls to Mexican mobile numbers are expected to cost significantly more than they do today, with likely charges of at least 16 to18 cents per minute imposed by the Mexican telephone companies. Rates are increasing because the Mexican government is now allowing the Mexican telephone companies to charge more for connecting calls to Mexican mobile numbers that originate outside of Mexico.

Because of this, your calls to Mexican mobile numbers will soon be billed at a higher rate than they have been billed in the past. NOTE: Rates to Mexican fixed line numbers are not affected by this Order.