Our Guarantee:

Comfi is a leading calling cards retailer. It is our goal to provide our customers with the best service of prepaid calling cards online. For every calling card we sell, we make sure to provide our customers with access to that card's Technical Support department.

Each Technical Support department is responsible for maintaining their calling cards' connection, quality, rates and any other technical issues that may arise. In the event that a customer encounters any of these problems, they will be able to resolve their issue directly with the provider of the card.

If the calling card's provider is unsuccessful in resolving any of these technical issues, Comfi will intervene on the customer's behalf to resolve the original problems stated by the customer.

If a particular technical issue has proved to be unresolvable, the following actions will be taken depending on the current state of the card purchased: If the full balance still remains on the calling card or the balance on the calling card has been compromised due to the same technical issues reported, Comfi will issue the customer a full refund.

If the balance on the calling card has been partially used, the customer will receive a credit for the remaining balance on the card. The amount credited will not exceed the customer's original purchase amount.

The guarantee is limited to the original retail purchase and is non-transferable. Warranty claims must be made within 30 days of purchase. If a calling card was refilled, then our guarantee applies only to the last refill of a card. We will not refund minutes or money for previous refills, refilling a card acknowledges a satisfaction with the service provided.