January 19, 2007

New Service From ComFi?.com Lets You Connect With a Few Clicks of Your Mouse...and Save!

Wellesley, MAComFi?.com, a subsidiary of Unipoint Technologies, is proud to announce their new Firefox TurboCall? Extension feature which adds a phone call function to your Firefox browser. Users can select any phone number on any web page, or click on a phone number in their personalized contact list in an integrated panel, and receive an incoming call from the desired destination number within seconds.

All that's required is a simple and speedy download. And when customers register to use TurboCall? Extension, they'll get a dollar added free to their account to get them started (limited offer). To do this, users go to http://www.turbocall.com/firefox-extension/.

“This is really a great marriage of the telephone and the Internet,” says Gary Nard, ComFi?'s Director of Operations. “It's an inexpensive and simple way to call numbers you find on the Net or those you've put in your personal online phone book.”

After installing TurboCall? Extension and restarting your browser, a TurboCall? panel appears in the bottom right corner of the browser window. By right-clicking on this panel the user can open the extension’s main menu.

TurboCall? Extension can be used with both landline and cell phones. Accessible worldwide, its international rates are very low. And there are no connection or maintenance fees.

Adds Mr. Nard: “This is a product that makes communication – both business and personal – that much easier. With time at a premium these days, we know TurboCall? Extension is going to be extremely popular.”
This is an official release of the ComFi? Press Office.