Continental Card -> Personal Toll Free Number

USA Toll Free (*) number connected to your phone number of your choice anywhere in the world!
The calling party dials the 800 number + extension and reaches you!


  • $10 will give you up to 6 hours of air-time for US redirection number (less if the redirection number is outside of the US, please check the appropriate rates)
  • No Contracts. No Monthly Fees
  • Update your redirection number instantly online
  • Refill your card and view call history anytime online

(*) 800 number available from USA and Canada only

Typical users

  • Business partners. Creates an image of success and professionalism
  • Employees. Keeps personal contact information confidential
  • Military personnel. Allows military members to reach loved ones without scheduling a call
  • Family members . Children can always reach parents' 800 number for free

How it works

  • Get the extension number after the purchase.
  • Set up your initial 'Forward To' number when you sign up. Update your ‘Forward To’ number at any point in your account/personal toll free service.
  • Give your personal toll free number and extension to your family, friends & business associates. The caller dials your personal toll free number and enters your extension. The call is forwarded to the number you have registered and your phone rings!

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