January 19, 2007

Inexpensive Alternative for Bringing Business Teams and Families Together

Wellesley, MAComFi?.com, a subsidiary of Unipoint Technologies, is proud to announce their new Conference Call feature. Now an unlimited number of callers can be brought together via an 800 number or the Internet, regardless of their location around the globe.

“Our Conference Call feature is really something special,” says Gary Nard, ComFi?'s Director of Operations. “We offer a reliable service with great customer support and very low calling rates.”

There are also added features such as document share, international access numbers, and online calling records. There is also the convenience of being able to add more minutes to your account during a conference call.

Getting started is as simple as opening an account at http://www.everydayconference.com. This site also walks new users through a “How It Works” section, gives current calling rates, answers frequently asked questions, and lets customers access their account.

In addition, there are three security levels with ComFi?'s Conference Calling that ensure the correct access is given to the right people.

“Not only is it secure and economical, it's extremely easy to use,” adds Nard. “We're very confident our customers are going to love it, whether they're business people, far-flung families, or social networks.”
This is an official release of the ComFi? Press Office.