Continental Card -> Call USA Toll-Free Numbers From Overseas

The "Continental" calling card offers a great new feature: the ability to call any toll-free U.S. number from overseas!
In the past, it hasn't been possible to access USA toll-free numbers from abroad, which was inconvenient and costly. But now that's all changed.
Say you're in Europe and you need to call your bank, credit card company or other important contact in the States that offers a toll-free number. All you have to do is call your Continental card's Access Number for your location, enter your PIN, then dial the toll-free number. It's that easy!
You can also call toll free numbers using other features of the Continental card, such as WEB-Call, SMS-Call and Prepaid Conferencing. And the rates are the same as calling to a regular U.S. number!
It's another great reason to purchase the Continental calling card and use it anywhere, any time!