AT&T Global Access Numbers

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CountryAdditional InfoFootnotesAccess Code
Albania A00-800-0010
Anguilla C,11-800-225-5288
Antigua C,E#1
 Select HotelsC1-800-225-5288
ArgentinaTelecom 0-800-555-4288
 Telefonica 0-800-222-1288
Austria E0-800-200-288
Bahrain  800-00-001
 US Military Bases Call Centers 800-000-05
 US Military Bases Onboard Cellular 800-000-00
Bangladesh 4157-0011
Barbados C,E1-800-225-5288
Belarus 58^800-101
Belgium A,280-800-100-10
Belize D811
 Hotels OnlyD,6555
Benin A102
Bolivia A800-101-110
Brazil  0-800-890-0288
 Alternate 0-800-888-8288
British V.I. C,E1-800-872-2881
Brunei  800-1111
Bulgaria D00-800-0010
Cambodia 71-800-881-001
Canada  1-800-225-5288
Cayman Isl. C,E1-800-225-5288
 ENTEL (Spanish) 800-360-312
 Telefonica 800-800-288
ChinaNorth, Beijing-CNCGD,8108-888
 PRC - South, Shanghai-CT1?D10-811
Colombia  01-800-911-0010
 (Spanish) 01-800-911-0011
Costa Rica D0-800-011-4114
Croatia  0800-220-111
Cyprus A800-900-10
Czech Rep. D,400-800-222-55288
Denmark 28800-100-10
Dominican Rep.  1-800-225-5288
 Pacifictel 1-800-225-528
 Outside Cairo 02-2510-0200
El Salvador D,E800-1785
Estonia 40-800-12001
Fiji  004-890-1001
Finland A,280-800-11-0015
FranceHotels 1110-800-99-1011
 Hotels 2110-800-99-1111
 Hotels 3110-800-99-1211
 Hotels-Paris Only110-800-99-0111
 Telecom Development 0805-701-288
French AntillesGuadeloupe110-800-99-0011
 St. Barthelemy110-800-99-0011
 St. Martin110-800-99-0011
French Guiana  0800 99 00 11
Germany 12,280-800-225-5288
Gibraltar  8800
Greece A00-800-1311
Grenada C,E1-800-225-5288
Guantanamo BayU.S. Military Bases 2935
Guyana  159
Honduras  800-0123
Hong KongHong Kong Telephone28800-96-1111
 New World Telephone 800-93-2266
Hungary A06-800-011-11
Iceland A00-800-222-552-88
India 13000-117
Indonesia 4,14001-801-10
Ireland 15,281-800-550-000
 UIFN 00-800-222-55288
IsraelBezeq 1-80-949-4949
 Golden Lines 1-80-922-2222
 Barak 1-80-933-3333
Italy A,16,28800-172-4444
Ivory Coast A00-111-11
 (French) 00-111-12
Jamaica  1-800-872-2881
 Public Phones #1
 Select Hotels 872
 Softbank TelecomA,D00-663-5111
Jordan  1-880-0000
Kazakhstan A8^800-121-4321
Korea, Rep.Korea TelecomA,1900-729-11
 US Military Bases DacomD,19550-2872
 US Military Bases Korea TelecomD,19550-4663
Latvia  800-2288
Lebanon E,G01-426-801
Luxembourg 17800-201-11
Macau  6262-9977
Macedonia,F.Y.R E0800-94288
Malaysia D1-800-80-0011
Malta  800-901-10
Mauritius  01-120
 Axtel (Spanish)E,20800-112-2020
 Telmex (Spanish)G,20800-658-5454
Micronesia  288
Monaco A,4800-90-288
Montserrat C1-800-225-5288
Netherlands A0800-022-9111
Netherlands Antilles 11001-800-872-2881
New Zealand A000-911
Norway  800-190-11
 US Military Bases 800-199-11
Pakistan D,400-800-01-001
Panama  800-0109
 (Spanish) 800-2288
ParaguayAsuncion CityB,D008-11-800
 Telephonica (Spanish)D0-800-50-000
Poland A,D,100-0-800-111-1111
Portugal D,28800-800-128
Reunion Island  0-800-99-0011
Russia A,D8^10-800-110-1011
 Option 2A,D8^10-800-120-1011
 Outside MoscowA,D8^495-363-2400
 St. PetersburgA,D363-2400
 Outside St. PetersburgA,D8^812-363-2400
San Marino A800-172-444
Saudia Arabia 251-800-10
Senegal  800-103-072
SingaporeSingTel? 800-011-1111
 StarHub? 800-001-0001
Slovakia D,280-800-000-101
South Africa  0-800-99-0123
Spain 28900-99-0011
Sri LankaColombo 2-430-430
 Outside Colombo 112-430-430
St. Kitts/Nevis C,E1-800-872-2881
St. Lucia C,E1-800-225-5288
St. Pierre & Miquelon  0-800-99-0011
St. Vincent C,E1-800-225-5288
Suriname 26156
Sweden 28020-799-111
Switzerland A,280-800-890011
Taiwan 2800-801-102-880
Thailand  1-800-0001-33
Turkey A0811-288-0001
Turks & Caicos C,E1-800-225-5288
U.A.E. A8000-021
 du 8000-555-66
 Military-USO & cellular 8000-051
 Option 3 8000-061
Ukraine D0-800-502-886
United KingdomBritish TelecomD,12,280-800-89-0011
United States  1-800-225-5288
 (Spanish) 1-800-222-7007
Uruguay  000-410
UzbekistanTashkent 8^641-744-0010
Venezuela  0-800-225-5288
 (Spanish) 0-800-552-6288
 Viettel 1-228-0288
A Public phones require coin or card deposit
B Public phones and select hotels
C Available from airports, cruise docks and hotels only
D May not be available from every phone/public phone
E Public phones may require local coin payment during call duration
G Collect calling only
01 Shared Country Direct Phones
02 May not be available from some locations
04 Not available from cellular phones
05 Not available from public phones or all areas
06 Available from Hotels Only
07 Available from payphones in Phnom Penh and Siem Riep only
08 Public phones and select hotels
10 Special USADirect? Dedicated Telephones
11 Select hotels
12 Access is available from New World Telephones
13 Not available from public phones. Available from phones allowing international access or most Public Calling Centers
14 Use public phones allowing international access
15 From Northern Ireland use UK access code
16 Includes Vatican City, State
17 Collect calling from public phones
19 Press red button(emergency button) before dialing access number-no coin or card deposit necessary
20 When calling from public phones, use phones marked Ladatel/Telmex, AT&T branded or Telnor phones
25 World Connect terminates to designated countries
28 Available from Hotels only