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Dialing Instructions from Russia

1. Dial Local Access Number, wait for a prompt:
     Moscow (495)669-4234
2. After the Prompt
     Press (*) key to switch your phone if necessary to Tone Mode
     Enter PIN (for "Jupiter" card, PIN is 10 digits registered phone number)

   For "Jupiter" card only:
     Enter Password (4 digits)

3. Dial your Destination Number

   Call to US and Canada:
     1 + Area code + Phone number

   Call to other countries:
     011 + country code + city code + phone number

   Call Inside Russia: 
     011 + 7 + city code + phone number

      If no connection is established in 20 seconds, 
please hang up and try again.

      To place another call or if you make an error 
do not hang up just press * key twice (**)