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4. Verification

• Why must we verify an order?/What does verification process mean?
Verifying your order is our way of ensuring customer protection against credit card fraud.

After placing an order online most of our first time buyers receive a letter from us asking to contact Customer Service to finish their verification process; customer service representatives will also try to contact you. To complete your verification process our highly-trained customer service representatives inspect and verify all new orders to guarantee your online security.
• How long time does it take to complete the process of verification?
Just a few minutes, upon contacting our customer service representatives.
• What benefits do you get as our Verified customer?
Higher daily and monthly volume of purchases;
Card PIN(s) and Calling Instructions instantly on the screen, after making a purchase;
Access to your purchase history and all other features of our site.
Additional savings for all purchases that exceed $15.
• I am a Verified Customer, but I received a letter from you regarding verification?
If you opened more than one account on our website, for each opened account you may receive a verification letter.

In some cases verified customers may receive emails about verification, usually if there are a lot of credit cards used on the account. This is to ensure your online safety and prevent credit card fraud.