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2. Registering Online and Creating Your Account

• Why do I have to register or create an account?
• Registering your email with us is important, as that is the way we send you your PIN information. Registering your phone number with us also enables us to process and verify your purchases faster, so you can start calling as soon as possible.
• How do I register or create an account?
• After selecting the card that you would like to purchase, when you are taken to the Sign In screen, select "Create an Account Now" to create your new account.
• What if I submitted my registration information, but didn't receive any confirmation?
• Please double check you spelled your email address correctly.
• Please check the Bulk or Spam folders of your email inbox, depending on your spam blocking features the email might get filtered there by mistake.
• How many accounts can I create?
• You can create as many accounts as you would like, however for each one you will need a new email address.
• We do however recommend having just one account for the following reasons:
    It will be easier to remember your login information
    You will have to be verified just once as a new user
    Your credit amount will be applied to a single savings account to get a complimentary card sooner
    Due to account purchase volume you will be receiving discounts periodically
• What if I forgot my password?
• Go to "My Account", click Forgot Password. Enter an e-mail address you registered with, and we will send you your password to your email.
• I want to change my email, what shall I do (for existing customers)?
• Please update your email address by going to "My Account"->"My Profile".
Please note that you will not be able to update your email to an email address you used for another account on our site.
• If you have any difficulties or questions, please contact us for assistance.
• What if I want to change my registration information or my profile?
• Please go to "My Account"->"My Profile" and change any information you need.