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7. Common Solutions to Problems

• Who should I contact if I have problems with my calling card?
- For all issues regarding connection, quality, phone calls charges/fees, calling history - please contact the phone card's technical support, the number is provided in the same email with card's PIN and dialing instructions. When calling technical support, please be ready to provide your PIN and access number. If they cannot resolve the difficulties please contact us.

- For all questions regarding selecting a card, confirming rates, registration, placing an order, payment online, receiving PIN, managing "My account" - please contact us online by filling out the contact form or call us during our business hours

• Why is the total number of minutes less than I saw on the website?
Possible reasons:

- You are calling to a cellular number, but checked the the rate to a landline. Rates to cellphones are usually higher than rates to landlines.
- You are calling using a toll free access number, usually the lowest possible rate is for calls placed via a local access number.
• What if I was charged minutes even though the call did not go through?
- This could happen if the phone rings more then 4 times, that is equivalent to 30 seconds without a connection. Carrier will consider this call as a connection and will deduct minutes taking into consideration rounding. To avoid this please do not stay on the line longer than 30 seconds when placing a call. If you do not hear anything or no connection is made, it is always better to hand up and try calling again.
• What if I did not get a good connection?
- If this happens please try to place a new call in 10-15 minutes, a lot of the time this will resolve the problem. If it persists please contact the technical support of the card. If the problem cannot be resolved, please contact us and we will be happy to switch you to a different calling card by a different provider.
• What if I received a message that the PIN is invalid?
- Make sure that you are dialing the PIN number that was received for your last purchase.
- Make sure you dial the correct access number for the card.
If you still receive the message regarding an invalid PIN, please call the card's technical support number. If you are having difficulties contacting them, please contact us and we will try to contact the carrier on your behalf to resolve the problem.
If you need help, please contact us for assistance.