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Virgin Mobile

1. In your Virgin Mobile phone, go to My Menu.
2. Then go to, My Account.
3. Then select Top UP.
4. Enter the PIN you purchased and the airtime will be added to your phone.


Dial 1-888-322-1122 and follow the prompts.

Amount Validity
$20.00 Contact Virgin Mobile Customer Service
$30.00 90 Days
$50.00 90 Days
$90.00 365 Days

Attention: Due to recent price increases on Virgin Mobile refills, a 2.5% processing fee will be added at checkout.

Customer Service

Payment questions only: 1-800-219-6993
Virgin Mobile: 1-888-322-1122

Terms and Conditions

All sales are final. Purchase is non-refundable, non-returnable or exchangeable.
No cash or surrender value.

By using service you agree to be bound by Virgin Mobile Terms and Conditions.

  • Instant delivery over the air or by email
  • Boston, MA based customer service
Need assistance?

Call (800) 219-6993

Mon - Fri 9AM - 9PM EST
Sat 11AM - 5PM EST